Case Study

US Financial Services Business


Our client is a financial services business offering consumes financial planning, general insurance, accounting taxations services, with a team of 50 across the various departments.


Each department was operating in silo. This meant duplication of client data, lack of accuracy of data across the systems and they were unable to delegate work between departments efficiently. The business was unable to track it’s key matrix efficiently. They were using 13 different software that were not integrated with each other such Redtail, e-money, AMS, Billquick, Utratax, Box, etc. The business did not have a process to track their sales pipeline. The Business did not have an easy way to issue and track invoices.


We defined &  identified 80 different processes, some of which was shared between different departments. We built a Zoho vertical CRM that would capture all the customer information among different departments in a user-friendly manner. We then integrated Zoho vertical projects and built all the workflows as projects. This enabled the department heads to track resource utilization, allocate work evenly across the teams and track the time spent for every process. We also enabled a client portal so that customers could view all the work being done by the business in real-time, thus adding value and increasing transparency. We also integrated Zoho finance so that users were able to track invoices. We integrated reports so we were able to analyze and generate key matrix reports for the management. We customized the calendar to enable easy scheduling of appointments. We introduced the concept of opportunity so that the business was able to track the sales pipeline and forecast efficiently.