What can a software application developers do for a business

What Can a Software Applications Developer Do For a Business

Marc Andreessen is famously quoted as saying that “software is eating the world.” At Valenta we completely agree with these sentiments and see it in our daily interactions with midsized companies and small businesses. These...
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RPA Developer

What can an RPA Developer & Consultant do for a Business?

Bill Gates stated once that “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an...
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What can a Big Data Specialist do for a business

What Can A Big Data Specialist Do For A Business?

Jay Baer, a renowned customer experience and marketing thought leader, once stated that, “We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights.”  This quote is the perfect statement to make the case for Big Data...
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Python Developer

What can a Python Developer do for a Business?

Python Developers are essential to today’s Information Economy companies. Frequently Python Developers work in roles with job titles not mentioning Python and the importance of their skills with Python can go unnoticed. It is our...
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Outsourced Business intelligence analyst

Why Should a Business Outsource a Business Intelligence Analyst?

There is an anonymous quote we like that goes, “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” This quote is an excellent analogy as to why Business Intelligence Analysis is critical in business today....
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Outsource Database Administrator

When Should a Business Outsource a Database Administrator?

The answer to the question of when a business should outsource a Database Administrator is simple. A business should pursue outsourced Database Administrator services when they can not find staff locally, when they cannot afford...
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What can a Business Intelligence Analyst do for a Business?

Business Intelligence Analysts play a critical role in today’s business environment. All businesses whether they are large public companies, or midsized companies and small businesses with 10 to 1,000 employees, process large amounts of information...
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Outsource Cyber Security Engineer

When Should a Business Outsource a Cyber Security Engineer?

A business should outsource a Cyber Security Engineer if it is struggling to find one locally or if the budget to obtain one is challenging for an organization. Cyber Security is critical in this day...
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Outsource Python Developers

When Should a Business Outsource a Python Developer?

There are many times when a business should consider hiring or outsourcing a Python developer. Many companies increasingly conduct business on the web and Python is essential for websites and web applications. Customer apps can...
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Outsource a Database Administrator (2)

Why Should a Business Outsource a Database Administrator?

There are many reasons why a business would want an outsourced Database Administrator. Many businesses today are involved in the Information Economy. Even those that are not typically have to deal with massive amounts of...
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