Case Study

Berkshire Hathaway Company


A Berkshire Hathaway company with an annual turnover above USD £1 billion required assistance in streamlining their communications and work-flows. They have multiple manufacturing plants and more than 500 dealerships across the United States with a technical and customer service team in every manufacturing plant.


The customer service & technical departments located in each manufacturing plant were not using any systems to track service requests from the dealers. Due to a lack of a centralized system, their dealers were sending in emails and calling individuals within the two departments. At times they were also calling telephone numbers that weren’t in use, as well as sending emails to addresses that weren’t being accessed. The department heads were unable to track the status of the dealer requests. As such, Berkshire Hathaway were looking for a system to standardise all workflows and manage distribution of work with a view of improving customer service.


Valenta defined and identified 18 different processes as to why the dealers would be calling. We then built and customized a Zoho vertical CRM with all of the fields and modules to capture the 18 different processes. This CRM was also designed to be used as the dealer database. We then integrated Zoho vertical projects and built all of the workflows as projects. This would enable the department heads to track resource utilization and allocate work evenly across the teams and track the time spent for every dealer request. We also integrated Twilio telephony system. This would enable the dealer to call a centralized number, which would evenly distribute calls to available representatives. Finally a dashboard was developed, which would give real time statistics to the management team. Additionally, scheduled automatic reports were setup for the department heads and management team to review critical areas, enabling the identification of any issues and quick resolution.