Case Study

Australian Technology Business


The Australian financial planning industry consists of over 80,000 professionals. The industry is dominated by software such as Xplan, COIN and Midwinter, which are software products focused solely on financial planning functions.


Our client identified a niche for a financial planning software that would enable Financial Planners to run their businesses more efficiently through research, preparing financial plans (SoAs) and providing increased customer service. Our client was seeking a solution that they could resell to the market.


Valenta built a Zoho vertical CRM with third-party integrations such as Yodlee, Mornigstar, coreLogic, Omnium and Financial Mappers. This enabled the Financial Planners to obtain real time data from the source of truth (i.e. customer’s income & expenses directly from their financial institutions via Yodlee integration and property valuation/s via CoreLogic).

A number of solutions were implemented to increase efficiencies and ensure goals were met, including:

  • Research tools such Omniom and Mornigstar which helped the Financial Planners to select appropriate risk insurance products for their customers.
  • Financial Mappers that would enable extensive cash flow modelling and comparison of various scenarios to model and achieve their client’s objectives.
  • Zoho Social enabling the Financial Planners to interact with their customers on social media within the CRM.
  • Zoho Invoice, streamlining invoicing and tracking.
  • Zoho Projects with a set of inbuilt processes that every Financial Planner would need. The design included various reports and dashboards to keep the Financial Planners on track with business goals.
  • Sales funnel adaptation to include all compliance steps.
  • Client portal access which could be given to customer and referral partners to enable transfer and enhance trust.
  • Twilio telephony system so that all calls could be recorded for compliance purposes.

The result was a solution that transformed business outcomes.